OK, I’ve got a little more than a month to come up with $500. Maybe I’ll start donating plasma

I added a customer list at the bottom of our company’s home page last night. But, since I’m an idiot, maybe I shouldn’t have. I’m trying to change my ways at this late date and start listening to other’s advice. Customer list or not?




Contrary to the title of this post, I do know where I can find it. That 500 bucks will have to be pried out of my wife’s clenched iron fist. I’ll let the RI winner attempt to do that. (Not kidding:)

Concerning my book. I’m already thinking about having another $500 contest concerning a Recovering Idiot book owner/reader (Just don’t tell my wife).

This is down the road a bit but if you don’t have the book, you might think about getting it and studying up. The contest will require knowledge of some aspect or content from the book.


   image3-lowerA quote from the book… 

…Since we were their closest neighbors and were a good quarter of a mile away from their outhouse, Brian’s mom had no problem leaving their privy door open that just so happened to face our home and the prevailing wind. She found this greatly diminished the smell factor.

Her open-door policy remained in effect until the day she found out that my dad had purchased a new pair of binoculars…

Read the reviews.  Paperback or Hard Cover.

Kindle Book One      Kindle Book Two


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