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Numbers don’t lie. (Oh, but yes they do)


We live in a world of numbers.

One. One is the loneliest number. I learned this back in the 60’s from some educators called 3 Dog Night. Need proof?

(In case you haven’t spent much time in this blog, I live in the past and like 60’s music)

Speaking of One, there is only One of me. Law enforcement agencies and doughnut shops throughout the world are grateful for this fact. If there was more than one


Two. It takes two to tango. Pictured above are two of my book readers who called me from California last year to tell me how much they enjoyed the book. I have never met the nice people. They’re in their eighties. They even sent a picture of themselves and the book.

A 15 year-old kid from Pasco looked up at me the other day while I was balanced on top of a grain bin and brought up my book. He said he was in chapter 15 or 16 and really liking it.  I got so excited I almost fell off the bin. It would have made a great blog post unless I landed on the kid.

It’s stuff like this that keeps me pushing the book. Anytime I get a little down about the monumental effort it is to promote the thing, I just read a few of the reviews on Amazon.

And Three. Three is a crowd and the times I’ve almost died. Wait a minute, I need to add a zero or two to the last claim to be in the correct ball park.

I love that we have numbers. Without them, I couldn’t enjoy my favorite numerical song…

When I started this blog 5 months ago, my reader numbers were dismal. Follower numbers were even more so. Zero is a bleak and dismal number. I think it might be even worse than one.

But there was a silver lining. When I first started blogging, WordPress, the outfit that hosts this blog, listed my followers visable to the public as 1,962. I had 1,962 blog Followers and I had only produced one post!

But then, I noticed in my blog command center that my actual blog Followers were much lower. According to my insider info, it showed zilcho as the actual Followers number. In hindsight, I think zilcho was far closer to the truth than the almost two grand figure.

I figured the high tally would give some respectability to my blog and elevate my writer reputation. I didn’t worry about contacting WordPress to fix it.

I started picking up a few followers which was good. At same time the public tally started dropping. It went the wrong way by sliding down to 1,904. This kind of stuff can really rile a blog writer up. As I added actual followers, my numbers dropped! I had to do something to halt the slide!

So I came up with a great idea to boost my readership. I would give $500 away to a Facebook friend who had followed a couple of simple rules of sharing and following the blog to be eligible. About this time the blog facade dropped to 25 while my actual followers shot up to 25.

So things are picking up in the blog department.

The catch to winning the $500 is that I’m drawing the name of a Facebook friend. There’s a good chance they will miss out on the $500 because they neglected to take the time to become eligible.

I will draw a name every Saturday until I come up with a follower of my blog. I’m excited to see how many losers and weeks I draw before I come up with a Recovering Idiot Blog Follower, translated into a winner of $500.

May the best Follower win!

Most of the reason I write this blog is to promote my book.

Following me on Facebook is not what counts in the giveaway. Being a blog Follower is one of the needed components. Sharing a blog post on Facebook is the other. My Facebook friends will all be in the numbered drawing each Saturday until an eligible name shows up.

The book is still selling. Copies are available on Amazon, at Basin City Farm and Home, Connell Grange, B&B Printing in Kennewick and at the Country Mercantile Stores in Pasco and Richland. Additional cases were just sent out to restock the Country Mercantile locations.


Read the reviews.  Paperback or Hard Cover.

Kindle Book One      Kindle Book Two

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