The first drawn name.

I wish I could just hand out a five hundred dollar bill to each of my Facebook friends and call it good.

However, after carefully considering that idea for a good half-a-second, I think I’ll save myself some angst, a million bucks and stick with the original offer.

Besides that, I'm barely worth five hundred and that will soon be going bye-bye when I have to honor my crazy blog offer to an eligible blog friend.

After that happens, where are skinny me and my even skinnier wife going to get our next meal? Whoever gets the money might have to take us in.
 So back to the number drawing…

Who will be drawn and will they be eligible? Drum roll please…

 The lucky number for the winner this week is…

Number 1211 (see photo) of my Friends on my Facebook page as of this morning at 5:04 am.

After a lot of counting and double checking, Al Yenney is the person whose number was drawn. Unfortunately, Al is not listed as a Follower nor has he shared a post from the blog.
Sorry Al. If you didn't know about this, you need to spend more time on Facebook or get after Mark Zuckerberg for only showing posts at a measly 35% coverage when your friends (like me) make posts. 

Especially when the post is about $500 giveaways. Heaven knows I've tried to let everybody know by making plenty of posts announcing this thing.
Next week on Saturday the 22nd we will draw another number and corresponding name.
I've been advertising this little blog gimmick since June 7 so I can't be accused of not posting the info. In fact, I've worried about posting too much and becoming obnoxious, as if I'm not that already.
Al, you are still in the running and have as good a chance as anyone else (including my wife and kids) for next week if you do the two simple tasks. They are outlined in the blog.
A little note to Al Yenney. I don't think I've ever met you but if I'm not mistaken, many years ago your dad used to do some tire business with me. Wasn't his name Lester? I remember him telling me he farmed down towards Pasco and I think he hauled some hay on the side.
I can remember one day especially, probably back in the 80's, standing out at the gas pumps talking to him about the good old days when he first started farming in the Basin. He had some great stories. He was a nice guy.
I looked around a bit and see that Al is the owner of Al's Repair in Pasco. He's been in business 47 years. Must be a pretty good mechanic. He is also a Pasco City Councilman.
Check out this blog to figure out how you can be eligible. The full details are in the June 7 post and sprinkled thereafter in various other spots.

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