And the whiner is…Kameron. The winner is…not Christine.



The excitement is just  like Christmas morning except I get to experience it every Saturday.  I woke up at 5:00 and rushed to my computer to see who was going to be the lucky number and corresponding person. Here it is…


So I spent a while counting friends and ended up twice at Christine Jenks, so she is the declared selectee in today’s drawing!

I was so excited! I knew this family had fallen on hard times lately and I was so glad I could help them get back on their feet. And then the hammer dropped.

I didn’t see any shares on her Fb page. I have to assume she’s not a follower on the blog site either. Christine, let me know if your records are any different.

It’s really a shame that I can’t give her the money. I called her husband Kameron and told him about the missed opportunity. The poor guy started crying. He coaxed and pleaded.

“We’ve been living off income from my dad’s record sales. To tell you the truth, we haven’t seen much come in lately.” I found that hard to believe but Kameron said he would send me a picture that the recording company took. Here’s what he sent me…


I told Kameron I had no idea his dad was a musician. Why, the last time I sat by him in church, he couldn’t carry a tune. His dad’s name is Vard and he is a great guy. So to hear that Vard and Kameron are relying on Vard’s music income leaves more questions than answers.

I know a couple of years ago Vard was inducted into the Washington State Wrestling Hall of Fame. Maybe he should quit the fiddle and get on the World Wrestling tour.

Remember when I talked about sitting by monotone Vard in church? Look at the picture closely and you’ll notice just how low Vard’s sock budget is.


Kameron was so disappointed to hear that they missed out on the money by not following and sharing my blog. “We really could use the cash. We’ve been having a lot of bad luck lately. Come on, Ben. I won’t tell anybody. You can fudge the rules just a little. Whadda say?”

I told him that maybe he should change the spelling of his last name to Jinx. That made him cry even harder.

I told him if word got out that I gave money to an ineligible blog non-follower, I’d probably get hit with a class action lawsuit from my other blog-following Fb friends.

“But you don’t know how desperate we are for the money. I’m broke and out of work. Pleeease…” I told him I was sorry.

“Well, could you at least spare me a five?” I said “Sure”.

So I put the money in an envelope and ran it out to the mailbox. He’ll get it first thing Monday morning. I even put in a little extra to help him quit crying. I’m glad to help whenever I can.

But I really have no idea how a nickel is going to help him out. And I’m pretty sure the extra two cents I threw in won’t make much difference either.

My advice to the Jinx’s and everyone else. Make yourself eligible or you might be the next loser.

(Permission was received from the Jenks before this was posted. Every thing in this post is true except their income and Vard’s virtuosity as a violinist. The hole in the sock was not photo-shopped in.)


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  1. Verdene Jenks Avatar
    Verdene Jenks

    Vard comes from a musical family. Check out Duane Jenks on Facebook -Vard or Kameron might be the next musician to follow Duane. But…don’t hold your breath.

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