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This week the $500 winning name is…

I haven’t a clue. But the winning number is 1904. Finding the winning name that matches up with the winning number takes up a good portion of my Saturday morning. As I scroll through my Fb friends, I see many good friends and one or two not all that good.

I see a few who have died and a few who have really stepped up in the past and bailed me out of one situation or another. I see many great people who I count it as a privilege to have known.

I see a few sprinkled among the masses who I know are eligible to win the cash and I see a lot who aren’t.

I see a guy named Tyler Hawkins who is my biggest Recovering Idiot blog fan. Each week I hope Tyler’s number is picked and so far, we’ve both been disappointed.

I see one or two who are loaded to the gills with cash already and have no need of the paltry $500. I break into a cold sweat worrying about their number getting picked. If I end up giving this prize to a loaded-with-dough or fair-weather friend, it’s going to hurt.

But then again, if they’ve taken the effort to become a blog follower and share a post, I guess I can’t complain.

The name of my 1904 Fb friend is Austin Fox. Austin, if you are eligible, let me know what your email address is as registered on my blog Follower list and if you’ve shared RI blog posts on Fb. I’ll then get a picture of me handing the $500 over to you and post it. If you aren’t, I gotta go through this whole process again next week.

If that’s the case, get yourself eligible as there’s a chance your number might get picked again.

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So far, the ineligible winners have been Al Yenney and Christine Jenks. I’m not going to track down Austin’s status as I’m worn out from counting. I’m just hoping Austin followed the program so he and I and everyone else can experience some Recovering Idiot worrying-about-the-cash closure. Let me know Austin, you lucky sucker you.




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