We lost our baby boy last month

I hate to deliver news like this but everybody needs to know.

His name was Mike. I called him Michael for short.

If things got tense, I called him Michael Karl Casper. This was only when I really meant to give him the business.

Regrets from the past often catch up with us, don’t they? Do you ever wish you could turn back the clock to do it all again? This time in a kinder, softer way? I know I do.

He was the last of six. He was my baby boy.

One cold winter January morning during the early ’90’s, my dear Michele, heavy with Mike, went into labor. We headed out the door. I brought up the rear just to make sure I could hold on to Michele to keep her safe on the slick and icy steps.

I lost my footing on the ice and started beating cheeks down the steps. Michele and Michael were right in front of me and soon they were enjoying the ten or twelve foot winter wonderland sleigh ride to the bottom, compliments of their sugar daddy. It was a little bumpy for all three of us as we navigated each step down. More for me than them.

This was one of those times when I wished that I could turn back the clock and do it in a kinder, softer way.

From this experience, I would recommend this exercise for any mother with child. It definitely cuts down on the waiting time and hospital charges (unless you break a leg).

If I had to do it over again, I absolutely would make sure Michele had the steps cleaned off before I went down.

So we raised Mike for the last 24 years. How I have hated to see him go but sometimes things just happen.

“When did he die?” You might ask.

I would mumble with tears running down my cheeks,  “Let’s just say he is in heaven and leave it at that.”

These are some of the last moments I have recorded before his transition:



He’s a goner.


I’m going to miss the kid. Judging from the last scene in this video, he’s going to miss me too.

Thanks to my great and grand son-in-law Todd Holbrook (Holbrook Films) for videoing the day of joy and delight that marked the end of me having to make Mike’s monthly car insurance payments.

Welcome Amelia!

Michele and I have held our breath for over a year now. We can finally exhale, grab some fresh air and start waiting for an incoming stork to show up.

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