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No one will take the money. But wait, maybe she’s the one!

So Cameron Yount’s name was drawn this morning from my Fb bank of friends for the $500. Unfortunately, Cameron had pulled out of Facebook a while back and hadn’t done the necessary steps.

I decided to do a redraw for this week. Looking at my list of Fb friends, I discovered from last night until this morning, someone had decided to quit being my friend. This is most likely from one of the following reasons…

  • They didn’t like my post concerning my attitude about burning and/or the Dept of Ecology
  • They were tired of being my friend
  • They were mad that their name hadn’t been drawn for the $500
  • They were like a former Fb friend of mine that I have known for many decades. He threw me off his Fb account when I made a post wondering if Obama was going to steal stuff and vandalize the White House like Clinton did when Bush took over. Talk about a thin skin!
  • Their occupation is bureaucratic and they don’t like the guilt that crops up inside when people like me start venting about them and their “work”.

I guess I don’t really mind if I lose a bureaucratic and red-tape packing friend or two.

So the name produced from the redraw is Nichole Davidson.



Nichole lost her father Joe a few weeks ago. I miss the happy soul. He had a choice at one point in his sojourn and did me right. I like, even treasure friends like Joe. Good friends are a valuable commodity in life. Especially in today’s world.

I would love to be done with this giveaway and hand over the dough to Nichole.

Nichole, let me know if you did your due diligence and are eligible!

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