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Perhaps you haven’t sniffed out the fact that I’m generally a die-hard conservative. There have been several times over the years in my Fb discussions with liberal friends, they flash-jump to point out that “fake news” items from the right are wrong because Snopes says so.

I’ve responded that it sometimes seems to me like the Snopes angle seems to be coming from left field, in fact, way over by the fence. They dog-paddle back with the response that Snopes is totally non-partisan, unbiased and completely truthful. I’ve just never been inclined to buy and bite their hook, line and sinker.

Imagine my surprise when I happened upon a Forbes article that tossed Snopes credibility to the dogs. Permit me to share a couple of paragraphs from that article followed by the link.

This creates a deeply unsettling environment in which when one tries to fact check the fact checker, the answer is the equivalent of “its secret.” Moreover, David’s responses regarding the hiring of strongly partisan fact checkers and his lack of response on screening and assessment protocols present a deeply troubling picture of a secretive black box that acts as ultimate arbitrator of truth, yet reveals little of its inner workings. This is precisely the same approach used by Facebook…

…From the outside, Silicon Valley looks like a gleaming tower of technological perfection. Yet, once the curtain is pulled back, we see that behind that shimmering façade is a warehouse of good old fashioned humans, subject to all the same biases and fallibility, but with their results now laundered through the sheen of computerized infallibility. Even my colleagues who work in the journalism community and by their nature skeptical, had assumed that Snopes must have rigorous screening procedures, constant inter- and intra-rater evaluations and ongoing assessments and a total transparency mandate. Yet, the truth is that we simply have no visibility into the organization’s inner workings and its founder declined to shed further light into its operations for this article.

Forbes Snopes story

I feel a little bit like I did November 9. Sometimes it just doesn’t go down like the lefties promise it will.

When I try to look at the world from their vantage point, I end up still hungry after all the courses in their full-meal deal. As hard as it is, I try to love my bleeding heart friends even though I don’t always like the direction they swing from.

So unless clarification comes to light that Forbes has come clean and is forthcoming about their sources and political leanings, I’ll continue (in secular matters) to chart my course by inspiration combined with the Idiot I trust the most.


Often I feel like giving up on this blog. I’m in the Blog Desert by myself, throwing out boomerangs that usually come back empty. I need water and grub once in a while. It would be nice to hear some comments, even if negative or rebuttalish. Likes and shares are always appreciated. Especially on good posts if there are such animals in my kingdom.

Last week I heard positive verbal props from a couple of people I would never have guessed would give them. Made my day! I delight in feedback so if you ever have the urge, don’t restrain yourself. Heaven knows I don’t.

This blog would love to be a two-way street. Likes, followers, shares and comments are always appreciated.

I’m amazed at the the number of views and followers that have continued to escalate. Of course, the $500 carrot is helping.

If not for my stats info, I would have given up on this time-gobbling sucker months ago. 811 views last week compared to 5 the first week when I started in February. There must be a good post at least once in a while. Thanks to all who have been appreciative and responsive readers!

If you think I’m blowing smoke on what keeps me blogging, check me out on Snopes. They’re supposed to have all the facts.


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  1. Timothy Avatar

    Too often the only facts I need are in my neighborhood, and with my family. If you are doing good there then the country is doing good. If you don’t like what you see roll up your sleeves and get to work. Crying and pleading with others to do something, seldom works to make anything better. The The dog pic, btw.

  2. Timothy Avatar

    “Loved the dog pic.”

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