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Trump neglected to use correct liberal-approved labels this last week in referring to neo-nazis, white supremacists, etc. in condemning Charlottesville happenings.

By the way, I walked the streets of Charlottesville several times when my son Derek was going to law school there. It’s a beautiful Virginia town oozing with history from the days of Thomas Jefferson.

Back to Trump. The media went crazy when Trump didn’t use labels and names for the people on the far right doing the damage. I mean they went absolutely berserk and even when Trump listed the culprits, they continued to castigate and pile on him. I’m not sure who is after Trump more, the media or the Dems.

In my 62+ years on planet earth, I’ve never seen the degree of rage and political fury from news organizations that is present today. Instead of being impartial news outlets, they are political activists who are hell-bent on piling on the Don.

The president has his problems but I am far more comfortable with his patriotism, his American loyalty and desire to help American businesses, and calling it like he sees it (and like I see it) than I was the last guy.

The last guy had a hard even putting his hand on his heart when the Star Spangled Banner played. If I remember right, his wife said something akin to the first time she was proud to be an American was when her husband ran his political campaign. Give me a break.

So Trump’s getting piled on for skipping the labeling. He corrected it a day or two later. I doubt that will make any difference to the news guys.

The thing that bothers me is this. If I’m not mistaken, Obama went through 8 years of his presidency without ever calling radical Muslims out by name. He just couldn’t do it. If he ever did do it, it was at the last of his second term. I’m too busy to fact-check right now. Radical Islam has been far more active, hateful, destructive and violent than the far-right.

Did the news guys ever bring it up, let alone blow it up? I don’t remember them batting an eye. Completely different in today’s climate.

I haven’t seen skin-heads broadcasting the beheading of hostages. Radical Islam has been terrorizing and raising hell with nary a blink from O.

And then again, I wonder how I would feel if Bush-led foreigners started bombing and shooting up my native country. It’s a mess. A good share of America’s troubles have shown up because we can’t keep our noses out of foreign entanglements.

I’m sure I sound like I’m attacking both sides. Could be. But if you want some interesting reading, check out Pat Tillman and his life. He was a great patriot and fully supported our governments actions. He gave up millions of dollars just so he could support our country. But by the time it was over, he was against what we were doing in the middle East. Not only that but he ended up being killed by US forces. It stinks.

And then the inquiry the government conducted. Bottom line, it was a joke.

Anyway, the American news machine is not going to be happy until Trump is gone. They have abandoned their purpose and job and are doing little but attacking the president. What a mess.


Now for something positive. I got the following note and picture yesterday. Made my day.


We gave my Grandpa your book to get his mind off the stress of my grandma being in the hospital the past 3 weeks. You can see that he’s halfway through and can’t put it down!

It’s fun to watch him giggle and then laugh so hard he can’t even explain what story he’s laughing at. He is also pleasantly surprised at how many of the characters he knows 🙂 Your book has brought lots of smiles and laughs to the Crowther household!

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  1. John Hortin Avatar

    First of all, let me start by saying that I have always been Republican. The first time I voted was for Ronald Reagan, and I was very proud to do so. One thing I have come to realize over the years is that everything that Republicans do is not perfect, and not everything Democrats do is fiendish, devilish, and corrupt. The press isn’t always right, but most of the time they are.
    About a year and a half ago, Mitt Romney got up at the University of Utah and warned us about this force coming our way named Donald Trump. Unfortunately, I think he was exactly right in his assessment of his personal character, his demeanor, and his preparation to lead this country. Many times he has done something (making fun of a handicapped journalist, bragging about sexual assault against many women, disparaging a war hero’s service record, refusing to disclose his taxes sighting a bogus excuse about audits, stating his affection for Putin and other despots in the world, and on and on and on) that I thought would certainly show the world what kind of man this person is.
    This past election cycle we had extremely poor choices of who to elect for president. He won, and as far as I can tell, there was nothing illegal about it.
    I think this is going to end badly, one way or another. People that are trying to speak truth to power (Flake of AZ for example) will probably lose their seat because of it, but they have the courage to stand up for what they think is right. That is the kind of leader that we need, not one that turns on his cabinet or others the minute they disagree with him.
    I don’t know where I belong on the political spectrum anymore. The Republican Party has been changed over the past couple of years, at least in some’s eyes. I think we all need to take a deep breath and reflect on if this administration really reflects our views in their actions, tweets, and comments. From what I have seen….I don’t think they do.
    I know that I am not the smartest guy in the world, and that what I believe, like all of us, comes from what we hear and believe to be true. If you disagree with what I have said, please tell me which issue without talking about Obama, Hillary, or what a low life I am.

    1. Recovering Idiot Avatar
      Recovering Idiot

      I’m 40 ft in the air on a manlift under the hot sun and I just have two words for your comments: well said. I’ve got to get back to work now. Thanks!

  2. Recovering Idiot Avatar
    Recovering Idiot

    John, I totally agree with most everything you’ve said except I’m a little more negative on the whole mess. Trump is chaos, the Republicans have no backbone and are all over the map. The Democrats have nothing to offer except anger. The only point of my post is despite the entire mass being at fault, the liberals (politicians and news orgs) top the list (in my mind) when it comes to shrill, hypocritical and biased reporting. Where is Ronald Reagan, better yet, George Washington when you need him?

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