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Essential Eclipse Information

Today is a big day for moon watchers. It’s also a big day for my little company since we’re sending out a couple of YankATanks to Hawaii. I hope the trucking company gets the instructions I sent them before the eclipse shows up.




And if you don’t know what a YankATank is, you must not be in the propane business…



A lot of people have been signing up to be blog followers. Thanks! The number of people in this world needing cash is growing by the day. Maybe we’ll get a winner this week.

Don’t forget to share some blog posts on Facebook or you’ll still be out of luck.

Make sure you’re eligible!! Saturday is the $500 day we draw a name. I can feel it in my fingers, even the two that are gone. I also can feel it in my toes that this time it’s going to be different. It is going to be your lucky payday!

Speaking of feeling it in my fingers and toes…












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