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Hitler, my ’54 wife or her ’56 Bug. Which is in better shape?

Hitler, my ’54 wife or her ’56 Bug. Which of them do you think is in better shape?


(My Craigslist ad with a few changes:)

I need the right detail person to help me finish up the restoration on this beauty.

This ’56 Bug was bought new by my father-in-law in Germany just 11 years after the Volkswagen start-up guy died. (True story.) I’ll bet you didn’t know the Volkswagen brainchild was Adolf Hitler. (True story.)

Very tough shape now. Hitler that is. (True story.)

The Bug? It’s in great shape. (Story.)

Cherry condition but I thought it could use just a little more tweaking before we start entering and winning car shows. I’m looking for the right person to take it over the top so my wife can enjoy reliving her high school days by dragging main and listening to the oohs and aahs as we roll into car shows up and down the West coast.

(Hopefully no boyfriends will be involved like they were back when she was a spring chicken with her trademark Bug. I think I’m pretty safe as she’s two years older than the Bug. I gotta say she’s in far better shape than Hitler right now and on one of her good hair days, it’s probably a toss-up between her and the Bug.)

This is the same car Michele’s younger brother was driving when he smelled dog do-do on his shoe one night. He bent over to see what was smelling so bad and rear-ended another car.

After we had a few kids in the 80’s, I drove this thing from Springville, Utah to Basin City on the hottest day of the summer. Michele and the kids were bringing up the rear in our Suburban. It started missing around La Grande and as we coughed and sputtered into Kennewick at midnight, it gave up the ghost. The Suburban was still running so we towed it from there.

It hasn’t run since.

Send me your location and ideas on how you and I can make this happen. To those who want to tackle the project and get rich or try to bleed it out indefinitely, don’t bother. A step-by-step build and then get paid plan is what this old girl is looking for. The right person and right resume is what I’m looking for.




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