Bobbing for Propane Tanks

I got calls from Texas and Jamaica today. Propane dealers need YankATanks to round up propane tanks that have floated away and bring them back to the home place where they belong. The hurricanes and flooding are taking their propane tanks every place except where they started from. Instead of bobbing for apples, propane dealers are bobbing for tanks. Or the tanks are bobbing for them. It’s a mess.

I’m assuming the tanks are in places where they can’t be retrieved by a crane truck. This is right up the YankATank’s alley. It’s the only thing around that one guy can use to retrieve a five or six hundred pound tank in short notice without a lot of extra hardware and cost.

Luckily, we keep a good inventory on hand. They’ll all be shipped out tomorrow.

It reminds me of when snow collapsed the Metrodome stadium in Minnesota a few years ago. 

They had to have the Monday Night Football game in an open college stadium. The situation required them to bring a bunch of propane tanks in to melt the snow and warm up the turf. The propane company doing the warm-up for the warm-up called me for YankATanks to make it all happen. It was fun watching the game that night.

I would guess 2,000-5,000 propane tanks are moved across the country on a daily basis with the YankATank. What an adventure it was inventing that sucker! For those who have my book, the story is contained in pages 406-418.

Here’s the product that saves a lot of guy’s backs and bacon’s:

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Here’s where we sell it:

My book

The other incident I’ve thought about a lot today is my Columbia Gorge story found in pages 436 to 448. I about died in that adventure. The Gorge was just a little less hot that endless night than it’s been the last couple of days. However, I was far more stressed that endless night than I’ve been the last couple of days. Stressed enough that I asked a Oregon State Trooper to take his gun out and shoot me.

Same book

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