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Big trouble in River City

Short post. Dedie May is a Recovering Idiot blog follower who just won the Corvette for a week.

Braiden Whitby was just drawn as the $500 winner. Did the dude  make himself eligible? Let me know, Braiden.

Lastly, we rode bikes yesterday with the Jenks in Idaho. Vard (You know, the guy who wears holy, not holey, socks to church. Or is it the other way around?) was in the lead. Michele was next, I followed with Verdene in the back.

After I crossed the bridge and rounded a corner, I heard a crash, a scream and then a big splash. I knew it wasn’t going to be good. Turning around, I headed back with dread, thinking I was going to find Verdene under water in the middle of the tributary.

Her bike was submerged and her lower half submerged but luckily her head was in a big air pocket, you know, the one we all breathe out of. I jumped down the bank and tried to help her. She was in a lot of pain.

Long story short, Michele rode ahead and got Vard. When he heard what had happened, he said “You mean I missed that?” I don’t think he knew how bad she was hurt.

We got her back up on the bridge after many tries and a lot of pain. A lady who lived close by called the ambulance.



She ended up in the hospital with several cracked vertebrae. Surgery won’t help so she’s in for some pain for the next few weeks. I think she’s getting released today. It could have been a lot worse.

As far as I can tell, the accident was caused by some gremlins or goblins under the bridge.


Vard and Verdene on a better day. I sold them my safety book which outlines all the ways to avoid accidents. Vard read it. I don’t think Verdene has yet.

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