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Unbelievable $500 winning name!

Last Saturday, September 23, I used my trusty random number generator to pick a possible $500 winner and the number produced was 1542. I usually take a picture of the number just so I have proof for the doubters. However, last week I didn’t, mainly because corn harvest is here and I’ve got my hands full drying thousands of tons of corn.

The girl who matched up with the number 1542 was Sara Bleazard. She didn’t seem all that excited or concerned about it because she hasn’t followed the blog. Maybe the reason is because I heard she is in Paris right now.

So this morning I cranked up my random number generator and it spit out the number 111 out of 1931 friends. I counted Facebook friends to number 111 and guess what? Sara Bleazard!

I was totally shocked. Facebook must mix my Friends list up every minute or two because she’s not in my friends list twice and yet on succeeding weeks, she won the draw with far different numbers.

I’m wondering what the odds are of getting picked twice in a row out of 1931 numbers spit out from a random generator? I would guess somewhere around one in twenty bazillion. If there’s any statisticians out there, let me know what the odds are!

Some of you might gripe that I’m making this stuff up and lying through my teeth. I swear on a stack of old Book of Mormons that I am not. I really want to draw a winner, write a check and move on to the next contest.

Speaking of old Book of Mormons, did you know that the most money ever paid for a book occurred just a couple of weeks ago? It was for a Book of Mormon and went for 35 million dollars. The previous high price was for a Leonardo da Vinci book purchased by Bill Gates in 1994 for 31 million.

This incident is just one of several reasons the Book of Mormon can be a very valuable book. On the other hand, you can also get one for free.  Free Book of Mormon

Speaking of winners, you might remember that Dedie May was the winner of my Corvette for a week. She notified me that she lives in Utah and would take the money I offered in case the winner couldn’t get to the Vette. I sent her the check for fifty bucks.

Sara Bleazard needs to get stocked up on Lotto tickets right now.

From her response last week, I’m almost sure that she didn’t sign up as a Recovering Idiot Follower. If that’s the case, this is the second week in a row that she’s missed out on 500 bucks. But I better go through the motions. Sara, if you are a blog follower and link sharer, let me know.

Because I’m so busy with corn harvest, I would like to get this 500 dollar prize put to bed.  If Sara IS NOT eligible in this go-round and this date, I’m going to draw another number and they will be the weekly pick but only if Sara is still not eligible.

That number is 325. Lois Mitchell is that number at this time. Let me know if you’re one of my blog followers, Lois!

Lois was my seminary teacher (back in the 70’s, church instruction before school) when I was a freshman and sophomore in high school. Even though I know I was a brat, she told me much later that the only time she got really mad at me was when I started spraying the fire extinguisher at other kids in the hallway.

Lois is also the mother of one of my good friends, Don Mitchell. Don has worked for me 28 years now. The man is a saint.


Here’s a picture of Don from a couple of weeks ago. We had just finished building a much-desired propane tank mover. I’ve spent 20 years and 10 different designs before coming up with this unit. If the development costs were tallied up for our efforts over the last 20 years on all the devices we’ve produced in trying to come up with a design that worked, it would be in the hundreds of thousands. And we work cheap

I’ll share the story of this gizmo one of these days when I have a little more time.

I love Lois and Don.

If Lois is not signed up as a blog follower, what are you waiting for? Get signed up! Become familiar with the rules in the Win $500 menu heading. Your name might be the name drawn next week!

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