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My son’s Jeopardy! experience earned him $10,000


Will is my boy that was on Jeopardy for two nights a few years ago. It was pretty exciting. Just making the preliminary cut was miraculous! You can read all about the story in my book. It was a kick in the pants! He won 10 grand which makes my $500 blog prize look like peanuts.

Which, by the way, this morning I just spun out another lucky name.

Ed Carnes

Ed, if you have signed up as a follower of my blog and shared a blog post or the link, you just won yourself $500. Let me know, Eddie!

I’m getting worn out trying to give this wad of cash away. I know I could change the rules and just draw or pick a Recovering Idiot blog follower but would that be right? That would be changing the rules in the middle of the game.

For instance, let’s say next week’s winning pick signed up as a follower and sharer this coming Monday. If I changed the rules and someone else won, the game could theoretically be branded a fraud, “fixed by Ben” and a scam because I switched horses in the middle of the stream.

So far, 16 of my Facebook friends could have won $500 but nobody took the extra baby steps of …….

I’ve picked up a bunch of blog followers as this contest has plodded along and am perplexed that one of them hasn’t had the lucky draw.

I would really like to get this 500 dollar prize put to bed.

So back to Will. Here’s Will and I on the Jeopardy! set after the taping.


Here’s Michele and I on TV at the end of the show. (Notice the watch Michele is wearing that she bought with Will’s earnings.)


And for any who are interested, here’s the two shows Will was on. Sorry about the poor video quality. Before you forget, sign up as a blog follower and share the link. You could be the one who wins the 500 bucks next Saturday if Ed isn’t eligible this week. You can be a winner or a loser. You decide.

Will’s Jeopardy link

This week’s Recovering Idiot book orders include the safety director from Morgancorpa large company that makes truck bodies for outfits like Penske and U-Haul. Another order is for a doctor in Boise.

And speaking of doctors, Dr. Christine Bouril called me this week, asking for advice. She’s the one I had the experience with (page 496) but never filled her in on the facts at the time. When she called the other day, I informed her of all the facts. I was a little relieved that instead of being offended, she laughed and laughed.

My  wife posted this on our family website yesterday: “A friend just sent me this picture from her bookshelf–a combination of two of her kids’ favorite books…”





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