One of the worst days of my entire life

So what’s my problem?

The dreaded day finally arrived last Saturday. I had to pay up. I drew an eligible blog follower and had to deliver.

I wanted to change the rules so the prize money would be awarded immediately after the coroner declared me legally dead at a future as-yet undetermined time. But I figured if I did that, swarms of people would hunt me down and kill me. Again. I threw that idea out.

I wanted to change the amount of the $500 payout to $5.00 and hope nobody would notice. But then I remembered the swarms of people.

So I had Michele write out the check and mail it from the little mailbox down by the library. I never see the mailman stop there and thought maybe the check would lay neglected for a few years before it hit my bank.

Michele was gone for a long time. When she finally got back, I learned she had taken the envelope to the Post Office and handed it to the clerk personally. We haven’t spoken since.


This photo was taken right before I gave the money-laden envelope to Michele. It was not a good day. The check was mailed to my blog follower in Alaska on Saturday.


Today is Tuesday. This picture was posted on Facebook today. That dang US Mail is getting way too efficient. I used to could rely on them taking forever to deliver. Until now.

Dan and his lovely wife Amanda are now going to have a Christmas. Before today, they were saving up to buy each of their kids a lump of coal for Christmas. Now, the kids are going to get two lumps, due to the high cost of living in Alaska and the fact that Amanda has already spent the money.

The reason I did this giveaway was to see if I could pick up a few followers on this blog. It worked. The blog follower numbers increased 21 x’s what the blog had before I started this crazy deal.

It actually was kind of a kick in the pants. The best part was sending Dan Allred the check, even if he didn’t need it.

I would recommend becoming a blog follower of I have a funny feeling that there will be more giveaways to faithful followers in the near future.


5 responses to “One of the worst days of my entire life”

  1. Tyler Hawkins Avatar
    Tyler Hawkins

    Well, well, well. I’m glad for the winner and sad for the rest if us. I’m glad it worked for you Ben and you stuck it out. Keep the posts coming, they are are highlight in my inbox.

  2. Janice M May Avatar
    Janice M May

    Dang and I was hoping for that big win!! Oh that’s right I did get a win!!

    1. Recovering Idiot Avatar
      Recovering Idiot

      Fifty bucks is just one zero short of five hundred!

  3. Brad Casper Avatar

    Next time you should probably hire Price Waterhouse to audit the drawing to insure there is no shinanigans.

    1. Recovering Idiot Avatar
      Recovering Idiot

      Funny. Check with my wife to confirm authenticity of the drawings. 🙂

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