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See Hawks Trip x 2

Not much happened this week except I’m pretty sure I broke my foot today. I was pulling on an electric motor in an effort to tighten the belt on the pulley. The belt broke. My pulling efforts, the heavy motor’s sudden momentum and the sharp little connector box corner combined to impact my left foot just below my tennis-shoed and most defenseless foot just below my big toe.


I laid in this agonizing position for 20 minutes. If you look closely, there’s a possibility I was crying. I don’t remember much after the initial contact except a whole lotta pain and suffering. I usually don’t cry but this was one of those rare injuries that calls for tears and happens, at the very least, once a week.

Usually when I get hurt, Don just snickers and keeps on doing what he’s doing. When he observed today’s incident, he must have realized the serious pain I was encountering because of the conversation I immediately launched into. He asked “Is there anything I can do to help you?”

He didn’t even ask that when I loped off my two fingers. This shows the heightened level of pain I happened upon today.

20 minutes later, I hobbled to the pickup, drove home and called it a day. If it’s broken, it will be the 28th broken bone in my long and illustriously ill-fated career.

Just because of the number 28 aspect, I’d like to know if it’s broken. But I hate paying the high-priced bounty that medical establishments pride themselves on charging. Even for X-rays.

Then I got an idea. One of my brothers masquerades as a dentist. Sometimes Brent will do a freebie on meebie which means I have no out-of-pocket dental costs. The downside is that if you look closely at my chompers, you will rightly guess that I don’t pay good money for dentists.

Anyway, I know that at Brent’s work, they do X-rays. I immediately dialed him up and asked if I could stick my foot where people normally stick their mouths to get X-rayed. I figured as soon as I got my foot in place (after moving one of his patients out of the chair for a minute), he could snap a picture. It wouldn’t take much time except for the equipment cleaning he’d probably have to do after his patient complained from seeing my toejam on his oral cavity X-ray fixture.

Brent was ok with the idea although he said it might not work since the dental X-rays they take only cover an inch or two of the patient’s problem area. I didn’t need an inch or two. I needed a good foot X-rayed. On second thought, I should say I needed a bad foot X-rayed.

So much for the cost-saving idea.

If this little happening hadn’t appeared on my day’s radar screen, I would have finished drying corn today.

To recap:


Left foot down, followed by the rest of the Seattle Super Sonics fan. Speaking of the Sonics (who are now out of business), does anyone recognize the Sonic coat I am wearing? This coat is the latest of a long line of work coats I seem to go through. My coats get attacked by grinders, torn by sharp corners, set ablaze by welders and torches, compressed by falls, bloodied by blood and lost by me.

This coat belonged to my son Derek when he was in high school. That was 1994-1998, if I’m not mistaken. But then again, he might have flunked a year or two which would compound the dates of him attending high school. That was a long time ago. I also was wearing this coat when I rescued the kid that got submerged in the corn.

It’s kind of a good luck/bad luck coat.

And speaking of Seattle sports teams, you might remember my last post talked about our Phoenix trip to watch the Seahawks a week ago Thurday. This was a great opportunity as I try to restrain myself from attending games on Sunday.

Well, guess what. I got a call this morning from a very wealthy guy who invited me to go to Seattle and watch the Seahawks on Monday night football. No charge.

Two games in a row, neither on the day I go to church!

I felt honored. Until I hurt my foot. Then I realized there is no way I can walk the distances required to hoof it from the outlying parking areas to the seats at Centurylink Field. I called to cancel. My wealthy friend said not to worry, we would drive into the VIP stadium parking lot and walk (or in my case hobble) a few feet to his luxury suite.

Like I said, I’m just finishing up on the corn drying this year. Sometimes it gets pretty messy during the drying season. It’s a job trying to keep a 40-year old dryer clean and running.


Now I just hope I can stay out of another accident and live till Monday night to enjoy this new experience of sitting in a box seat.

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