Hot off the press…

Hot off the press…


This Christmas was the best. The grand kids were gearing up for a Nativity reenactment. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed my granddaughter coyly sporting news of a new addition. I wasn’t sure parents Christianne and Todd or grandma Michele had noticed yet so I didn’t say anything. I slyly pulled out my phone and snapped a picture.

Anyway, I am so excited to announce that I am soon going to become a great grandpa! I am on cloud nine. I would expect the newborn will weigh approximately 50% of what the mama does.


We spent our Christmas taxiing around between our four kids in Phoenix and their families. While we were there, we got word that Michele’s brother Scott is not doing well with that touch of pancreatic cancer I mentioned in a previous post. It was a downer. He’s in lots of pain and is down to 112 lbs.

One of the things he wanted while still in this existence was to be able to play music with his dad one more time. Michele made some arrangements and when we flew home, she didn’t fly home. She stayed in Salt Lake while I caught the connecting flight to Pasco.

When I went to the counter to get my ticket, the lady asked if there were two of us. I explained she was taking a different route.

The guy standing next to me said “I told them I wanted to send one of my bags to Kalmazoo Michigan and the other one to Bangor Maine and I wanted to go to Seattle. The lady told me they couldn’t do that. I asked them ‘Why not?’ You did it last month!”

The lady behind the counter didn’t laugh.

So the next day, Michele’s dad Karl showed up in Salt Lake after traveling up from St. George. He is 88 and blind. They caught a plane to Anchorage where Scott’s wife Angie picked them up and shuttled them to Wasilla.

You might remember that’s where Sarah Palin is from. Scott has several Fed Ex routes in that area. He’s delivered packages to Sarah.

I just got a text from Michele. She sent a clip of Scott and Karl. She said that was the first time Orange Blossom Special has made her cry. I’m sure things are very tender up there right now.

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