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Everyone who's bent needs a place to vent. This is my place.

It’s getting scary. There was a run on my bank yesterday.

I’ve been worrying a lot lately about scraping up the money to cover the 10 Recovering Idiot scholarships coming up.

And maybe I won’t have to. To this point I haven’t seen one book report come over the wires. This makes me hopeful I won’t have to lay out much cash. If just a couple of students send in their book reports…I’ll only be out $1500. And if one of the winners or their parents have posted the link ( on Facebook, I’ll only be out another piddly $501.

That’s a whole lot better than having to pony up the entire wad of $3501. Things are looking good. Even my banker was enthused about the lack of people wanting cash scholarships.

So I finally went to town and got the loan yesterday. I’ve been filling out paperwork for it for months. It took another hour to get the docs signed but at last the money arrived. I laid it out on the banker’s desk just to get an idea of what that kind of cash looked like.

I was reminded of the million silver dollars that I saw as a six year-old at the ’61 Seattle World’s Fair. The cash actually looked better to me. At least it had some color to it.


The only problem is I applied for $3500 so that’s all they would give me. Bankers are cheap.

The total scholarship kitty is supposed to be $3501 and I wanted to get a picture of the entire amount.

My banker said “No more”. I had to go out to the car to get my wife to rummage through her purse and find a buck. Finally, my search was complete. I took this picture:


I was going to bundle it all up and bring it home but then realized that by taking this much money out of the bank at one time, the bank might end up short. That’s kinda what happened back in the Depression.

I took the higher road and deposited it back in the bank just to help them out. I know the stock market is struggling and I would hate to be the straw that broke the Federal Reserve’s back.

It’s going to cost me a little interest but I no longer have to worry about coming up with the dollars.

All the way driving home, I basked in the warm glow of knowing I had done a great service for my country by leaving the money in the bank. Truth be known, I even deposited the one dollar bill, just for safe-keeping.

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