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Recovering Idiot Excerpts from the first few chapters.

…I pulled back on the Mooney’s stick and got no response. I wanted to stop this nightmare, but it was much too late. If I tried to abort the takeoff, I would hit the end of the runway, the trees and the cows at 120 mph. The point of no return was now a long way behind me.

…one cold winter night when I stuck my tongue on the business end of a frozen hammer. The folks got a little concerned when they saw their two-year-old walking around with a claw hammer hanging out of his mouth.

…At four years of age, I had no idea how to swim and therefore had no options from which to choose. I was stuck. The only thing I could think of to do was pray and so I did. Thank goodness my parents were churchgoers!

…The tractor started sliding sideways at full speed as soon as we hit the gravel. It slid toward the outside of the turn like an astronaut’s centrifuge, skidding off the road and into the deep barrow pit as I frantically turned the steering wheel righter and righter…

…There was an ultra-loud “BANG” and smoke filled the cockpit. If I remember correctly, the engine died. Motorless silence and loads of smoke filled the inside and outside of the…

…All of a sudden, the handlebars started shaking. I couldn’t do anything about it as my hands were wrapped around the Christmas card boxes instead of the handlebars. The shaking got worse, and in a few seconds…

…It also provided the oncoming high school students with a panoramic view of the back end of their very own school bus totally engulfed in flames. We were dumbfounded since we were the ones cooking in the back of the bus.

…Dad told Mom I was dead. She fainted.

…The cop thought we were trying to run him over. He ran around to my side of the car and pointed his gun at my face just outside my window. I had had enough. “We gotta stop!” I whimpered. “We’ve gone too far now!”

…When I got to him, I could hear him sob, over and over, “Anybody but Casper, anybody but Casper.” I didn’t say anything. I walked away, wondering why he had such a problem with me cleaning his clock?

…Terror struck my heart! I could hear Kevin’s weakening voice, choking and gasping,“I can’t breathe!”

…All of a sudden, bullets started whizzing around us and striking the gravel, mixed immediately thereafter with the sound of gunshots.

…The car was barreling down Sheffield Road doing a hundred, when all of a sudden Scot leaned forward and screamed, “Aren’t you going to stop?!” Both cars approaching the intersection on the right and left sides were braking hard to avoid the mother of all…

…We sat together. The night was deathly black. It was over. Chuck Mangione had never sounded so bad. Why was everyone clapping? I cancelled my check for the ring and pathetically returned it the next business day.

…these two nutty guys with one of them being Randall, our drummer. The primary was a landslide victory and turned the 25,000 BYU students and faculty, including BYU President Dallin Oaks, upside down.

…A week after meeting Michele, being the impulsive guy that I am, I showed up at the end of the day at the bank where she worked. I was tired, dirty, and greasy from a hard day in the tire shop. I shared my situation and then asked her to marry me. She was absolutely floored. I leveled with her, “If you don’t want to, I’m moving on.”

…To tell the truth, I was still in love with Terri but Terri wasn’t around. After Michele and I got to the honeymoon suite I sat in the bathroom, locked the door, and cried. (Say, isn’t that the woman’s job?) Time and all eternity, which is the Mormons’ view of marriage vows made in the temple, started looking pretty dang long.

…Running your own rig into someone else’s rig is bad enough, but running your own rig into your other own rig is much worse. And to boot, I had just blown my new bride’s mind.

…Dad was helpless. Finally he and his broken ribs couldn’t watch anymore. He limped behind a grain bin, sat down and waited for the end. I’m sure he was praying. That was the only time until he got MS that I’d seen him totally unable to control his situation. And the four guys dangling in a life or death situation a hundred feet in the air with me at the controls were in worse shape than Dad.

Amazon Reviews on Recovering Idiot

Gave me lots of laughs in rough seas. Tyler M, USS Carrier George Washington

I laughed until tears ran down my leg. Kyle H, Naches, WA

I enjoyed reading this book. One of the funniest I have read since Patrick McManus. I am amazed that Ben has survived to write this story of his life. He also mentions the faith that has kept him going over these years. Allen Alder

Very entertaining! I absolutely think this book should be made into a movie. No one would believe that the things happening are true. If you are looking for something different and truly entertaining I recommend this book. It will give you a hilarious perspective on life.   Amazon Customer

Great book once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down. Thank you,  Ben for sharing your adventures  Kris Turner

Quite a story! Can’t believe Ben is still alive to tell about it. Sure kept my attention and he sure knows how to tell a story.  Terry Jolley

I met Ben through a phone business deal and knew immediately he was a character, little did I know he was the main TRUE character of his soon to be released book. Once released I had to have it. I don’t have much time to read but came back to it again and again when I needed a laugh or a OH MY GOSH how is this man alive! It is worth the money and time…Thanks Ben for sharing your life.  Lisa

This is the most amusing read I’ve encountered in a long time. This guy has packed more into his life than ten normal people! He has covered a lot of ground. Anybody who grew up in a large family or in the country will relate to his experiences. Throughout I was reminded of Teddy Roosevelt’s famous line about the value of stepping into the ring, win or lose. Well, Casper has been in the ring! It was a genuinely fund and entertaining read. Highly recommended. Ivan Hobo

fantastic read!  Karyn Bloxham

I’m pretty sure I did damage to my body from laughing so hard. More than once. Casper is a colorful writer, to say the least. I do not recommend reading this in a public place, lest you make a fool of yourself with random, uncontrollable bursts of laughter. His exploits remind me of another favorite writer — Patrick McManus. Their exploits are somewhat similar, and the resulting laughter is good for the soul. I have a shelf full of McManus, and I hope Casper lives to fill another shelf of favorites.  Catmom

This is an incredibly entertaining read. It reads easy and fast even though it is over 500 pages. The real life experiences draw you in and make you feel as if you are there. You find yourself rubbing your head, elbows, knees and hands, etc. as if you feel the pain from so many physical encounters with gravity and other objects in motion. Behind the nearly constant laughter there are some powerful poigiant episodes of tenderness, genuineness, and heart-felt love among fellow travelers. The willingness of a man to refuse to be defeated and to try again and again in the face of insurmountable odds and repeated failure is a testament to the principles of determination, perseverance, industry, ingenuity and endurance. For these reasons the book is not only interesting and entertaining but equally inspiring and instructive of the human will.  Amazon Customer

This book was awesome!! I couldn’t put it down. Ben is a great story teller. How could one guy get into so many crazy situations? Dianne Smith

Just finished reading Recovering Idiot. It has been so fun to read! I loved every chapter! I looked forward to any spare time I had so I could sit and read about Ben’s adventures….I think everything Ben does turns into an adventure of sorts. This is a great book that every reader will enjoy and also gain a greater understanding of miracles, love & forgiveness. KF

This book was the most fun I’ve had since reading Mad magazine as a kid! I laughed and laughed and laughed and then laughed some more. I ordered it after a recommendation from my mom and wasn’t sure what to expect. Then I started reading and was absolutely transfixed from page one. Casper is not only an accomplished and hilarious storyteller but he’s actually a hell of a writer too. With as many lives as he has I should think we’ll have the opportunity of hearing from him and about his exploits for a very long time!  Taig

There’s another 15 or 20 more here…Recovering Idiot Reviews





One of the first readers after book was published. No idea who he is.


A nice German Baptist couple who I don’t know. They called me up from California to tell me how much they liked the book.


A nephew of mine who can’t read but loved the book as it helped him find the TV remote his mother had hidden. This pic is not staged.


A couple I know and happened to see in the Salt Lake airport. I told him I was down on my luck and needed 20 bucks. He handed me a Jackson and I gave him a book. He wanted it signed. They sat at the front of the plane and laughed all the way to Pasco.



A fine man who’s daughter found that my book did a great job of distracting him from his wife’s health woes.



Owner of an international helicopter equipment company. He bought the book so he could learn how not to run a business.



A friend in a snow cave taking a break from Mt. Rainier. Notice his reading material.



A new friend from Seattle. With my phone she found her phone in Austin TX. She bought two books and sent me this pic.



One of my son-in-laws. The only SIL to read my book. The only SIL in my will.


Great friends Vard and Verdene Jenks paying full retail for some copies.


One of my sisters sent me a note and picture they got from an older couple after she gave them the book:

Thanks for the picture, thanks for coming to visit, thanks for being perfect examples for us, and thanks for your brother’s book. He is someone we wish we knew! I hold my breath every time we begin to read another episode.😊 He is certainly a funny man and we can tell he is a good man.

(I put a line through his last sentence since nobody will believe it. Especially me.)

This fellow is 90 and looks better than I do in my 60’s.


My baby brother’s kids soaking up knowledge that may or may not help them.


This kid used to hate to read. Now, he can’t get enough. He and I have the same birthday. His dad is my son.

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