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Hi! I’m Ben,

The purpose of this blog is to pick things up and carry on from the point where the book ended. There are two sequels-

  • Recovering Idiot, the book
  • Recovering Idiot, the blog

If you rely on just the blog for entertainment, you are missing out on a good 98% of my crazy life.

Old people, pre-teens and everybody in between seem to get a big kick out of my mishaps. Even me. I have learned to shuck the pride and call a spade a spade. And then laugh at the craziness that seems to follow me around like the dirt on Pigpen.


Click on the books below to get a taste of what you can expect by reading the book. I am grateful to those of you who have taken the time to write an Amazon review for this book. Thanks!

If you’ve read the book or even looked at the pictures, you are invited to send me a picture and note of your Recovering Idiot reading experience. Text…509.531.3419 Email…




One of the first readers after book was published. No idea who he is.


A nice German Baptist couple who I don’t know. They called me up from California to tell me how much they liked the book.


A nephew of mine who can’t read but loved the book after he located the TV remote his mother had hidden. This pic is not staged.


A couple I know and happened to see in the Salt Lake airport. I told him I was down on my luck and needed 20 bucks. He handed me a Jackson and I gave him a book. He wanted it signed. They sat at the front of the plane and laughed all the way to Pasco.



A fine man who’s daughter found that my book did a great job of distracting him from his wife’s health woes.



Owner of an international helicopter equipment company. He bought the book so he could learn how not to run a business.



A friend in a snow cave taking a break from Mt. Rainier. Notice his reading material.



A new friend from Seattle. With my phone she found her phone in Austin TX. She bought two books and sent me this pic.



One of my son-in-laws. The only SIL to read my book. The only SIL in my will.


Great friends Vard and Verdene Jenks getting some copies.


One of my sisters sent me a note and picture they got from an older couple after she gave them the book:

Thanks for the picture, thanks for coming to visit, thanks for being perfect examples for us, and thanks for your brother’s book. He is someone we wish we knew! I hold my breath every time we begin to read another episode.😊 He is certainly a funny man and we can tell he is a good man.

This fellow is 90 and looks better than I do in my 60’s.


My baby brother’s kids soaking up knowledge that may or may not help them.


This kid used to hate to read. Now, he’s grateful he knows how to read.