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(I have to interrupt this broadcast with a special announcement. I’m getting bombarded by questions. All contest details and book ordering info is contained on this blog under Scholar’s Dollars, Scholarship News, Scholarship App. and BuyTheBook. Thanks!)

Hi, I’m Ben. After giving a presentation of my book to a class of fifth graders, I casually mentioned I was thinking about offering some scholarships for book reports of my book Recovering Idiot.

They started clapping! Truth be told, it was basically the first time I’d ever gotten a cheer. In retrospect, the cheer wasn’t for me. It was for the Scholar Dollars.

After recovering from the applause surprise, I told the kids to hold on so I could record it.  5th graders after book presentation

That night after the applause had died down, the mother of one of the 5th graders called me and said her child enjoyed the presentation. Then she talked about one of her other kids. I asked her to send me some info on him. Here’s what I received:

Hales kid

At that moment, I realized the youth of today can lay out in one profound sentence my story better than I could in 523 pages. So why not encourage them to write a book report?

What will this contest accomplish?

  • Basically, my impression is that many of the youth today have a minimal attention span. This 523-page book will smash that bad habit to smithereens, especially if they’re motivated to do a good job on their report!
  • It will chase away the Corona blues. Instead of hearing about the bad news of today, they can read 268 stories that will lighten their day and brighten their summer!
  • Some kids hate to read. Some may have never cracked the cover of a book before. Some are always glued to a screen. These negatives are all about to change!
  • This contest will help them analyze, compartmentalize, and organize thoughts into succinct points on paper. It may give a boost to their social and courtesy skills as they ask for help. It will take effort. Plus, after reading, they probably will not try near as many stupid tricks as I. By reading my book they won’t have to wonder what would happen if…
  • It will open their eyes to some of the stresses found in youth and adult lives that they may have never considered before. It can be a prep and simulator of thought. It might even make them start thinking about ramping up their own performance a little as they grow older and look to the future. And they definitely will not want to go down the rocky road I have traveled.
  • It’s guaranteed to give them some chuckles they’ll find nowhere else.

You may ask “How can I help this contest get even better as a benefit for students?”

If you’d like to contribute, you will be taking part in giving many a challenge, positive experience and changing some bad study habits! You will also have the satisfaction of knowing that partially through your efforts, kids will be driven to read! Basically, you motivated young people to read!

Here’s the nuts and bolts:

I’ve committed to insert $3000 into this Scholarship project. Another sponsor has donated $500.  Many kids will enjoy the read and at least ten students will enjoy the fruits of their labors. They can use this “seed” money to begin their college preparation.

I know the world is full of students and most of them are looking for opportunities to broaden their horizons through education. The world also contains many good people, ready and wanting to help those struggling or less fortunate. This contest is a place where these two groups of people can meet.

All money donated for scholarships will go to the kids. There will be no overhead or marketing fees deducted.

At a minimum, I’m planning on posting and advertising this contest in elementary, junior high and high schools throughout the Columbia Basin including Tri-Cities, Walla Walla, Hermiston, Yakima, Wenatchee and Spokane areas. It’s possible the word may spread and we may have entries from around the country.

As far as visibility for your company:

Scholarship Sponsors may remain anonymous if they’d like. Or, Scholarships and sponsors can get their info and logo posted at the top of the link where students must visit to apply for the scholarship.

Students and (usually) their parents will notice and appreciate your company’s information each time it is accessed. I intend to do the same with the link to Scholarship News. This page will be updated every day or two and will likely be accessed and seen often as more sponsors come aboard.

If you’d like to participate as a sponsor, please email:

Specify if you want it anonymous or advertised so the world will leave you alone or will bring you and your company extra business.

For scholarship details, look at the Scholarship App in the menu.

Want to sponsor or advertise?

Recovering Idiot book available here