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Posted 3/12/2020

Here’s a class after Ben shared a few stories from his book:

Time is of the essence. Don’t put off this easy and fun opportunity!

4th graders through 16th graders (yes, college students are eligible). Special age consideration will be included in the judging to make this a level playing field.

(At the present time, no one has submitted a book report for the chance to win a bunch of cash. If things continue like the present, the chances to win the cash are huge since the competition pool is minuscule!)

Ben hopes things change. You probably don’t. That is, if you want to win one of ten cash scholarships and know anything about math.

If you are a student and know anything about reading, don’t procrastinate! This could be one fun summer for you. Thousands of dollars just waiting to be pocketed while you have the time of your life reading a crazy but true book!

Two years ago the Recovering Idiot had an extra 50 bucks burning a hole in his pocket. He decided to have a contest and gave it away! (See below)

The next year, another contest and a bigger hole in his pocket. He gave away $500!

Now he has over $3,000 in his holey pocket and is looking for 10 students who know how to read and write. His friends have thrown in another $500 if one of the winners (or their parent) is randomly picked in a drawing from the ten winners and has posted the following link…Over $3,500 in cash scholarships will be given to students this summer!  The $500 WILL ALSO BE given away at the same time the other cash is handed out! (See below)

Over $3,500 total in cash scholarships will be given to lucky students who are chosen in this contest, this summer. To qualify, they must turn in a book report that picks up points and is chosen to be one of the outstanding reports by a panel of teachers and librarians. They or their parents must also must post the url link to be eligible for the $500 kicker. Over $3,500 in cash scholarships will be given to students this summer! on their Facebook page.

$3,000 in cash scholarships will be handed out on September 1, 2020 by Ben Casper, the author of the book Recovering Idiot. An additional $501 will be given to one of the winners in a random drawing IF they or their parents have posted this link on their Facebook page between March 10, 2020 and August 20, 2020. (The Facebook post must occur before the book report is submitted.)

Get this done now if you meet the guidelines. The book takes a while to read (523 pages). Books are in short supply so don’t put it off!

If you don’t have a student but want your studious friends to be aware of the contest, post the link for them!

Here’s the link to post on Facebook before you forget!

Over $3,500 in cash scholarships will be given to students this summer!

Copy and paste the link above to your Facebook page.

(I have to interrupt this broadcast with a special announcement. I’m getting bombarded by questions. All contest details and book ordering info is contained on this blog under Scholar’s Dollars, Scholarship News, Scholarship App. and BuyTheBook.  Thanks!)

Here’s a couple of previous Recovering Idiot winners…


Mark Maxfield of Pasco Washington picked up an easy $50.


Dan Allred’s wife Amanda of Wasilla Alaska got the mail.


Dan got the cash. $500!

Now, Ben and his friends want to give away more than $3,500!

Here’s what students need to do to be eligible for the cash…

Submit a Recovering Idiot book report per the following instructions:

Download the following Word document:

Recovering Idiot Book Report

Click and download the document and complete. After completing, attach the report to your email and email to:

All information from questions five through fifteen will be considered part of the report, including age. The age consideration gives the younger students a more equal footing in competing with the older students.

Aspects such as succinctness, familiarity with entire book, witticisms, profound observations, humor, writing style, grammar, understanding of book, communication of valuable lessons learned through reading, creativity, what you really think of the author and other valuable aspects learned from its pages.

No personal information other than winner’s names will be given out.

(All information must be truthful and to the best of your knowledge. If not, report may be disqualified)

Submissions will be accepted until midnight of August 20, 2020

Scholarships will be announced September 1, 2020

To be eligible for this contest, students must be in Grade 4 through Grade 16 (college enrolled as of September 2020). Home-schooled, temporary drop-outs (I’m hoping this very contest might bring them back into the school yard), idiot savants and other special situations  are eligible to be in the hunt. Students cannot be over 22 years of age as of August 20, 2020.

Your first four answers (personal information) will not be visible to the judges until after the contest has finished.

Only 1 book report per person.

A panel of anonymous judges consisting of librarians and teachers have been chosen to judge the entries and compile the points. Recovering Idiot will have no influence or part in choosing the winners. All entries become the property of Ben Casper. Permission to use entries and names is granted by your entry into this contest.

Because Ben has so many relatives and since he will have no say in the judging, they are not excluded. They were a great support in getting this book off to a great start initially. Also, sponsors families are eligible for the same reason. In fact, because it will look bad if they win, Ben will do his darndest to make sure they don’t win. j/k

This contest will be advertised in elementary, junior high and high schools throughout the Columbia Basin including Tri-Cities, Walla Walla,  Hermiston, Yakima, Wenatchee and Spokane areas. Students from other areas in the US are also eligible.

Recovering Idiot book available here