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To Laugh Away The School’s Out Corona Blues

(I have to interrupt this broadcast with a special announcement. I’m getting bombarded by questions. All contest details and book ordering info is contained on this blog under Scholar’s Dollars, Scholarship News, Scholarship App and BuyTheBook. Thanks!)

Latest prize money allocations:

First Place — $1,000  One cash scholarship will be awarded

Second Place — $500  Two cash scholarships will be awarded

Third Place — $250  Two cash scholarships will be awarded

Fourth Place — $100 Five cash scholarships will be awarded

A $501 bonus will be added to the mix if the fine print about Facebook is read and followed. See

No money will be used or taken out of these scholarships for commissions, etc.

3/11/2020: Another $500 hopped on to the scholarship wagon today!

3/10/2020: To get the word out, I decided to hand out a few more dollars. The scholarship winners be entered into a random drawing. If they or their parents have posted the following link on Facebook from today through August 20, 2020, they will be awarded an extra $501. Here’s the link:

I kicked the scholarship into gear today and received this a few minutes later…

Chelsea Lybbert Mahuika

32 mins

“My uncle Ben Casper is crazy and giving away $3000 in scholarships to students for reading his book. Michael just finished reading it last night and I’ve never seen him enjoy a book so much. He even picked up the book on his own before the scholarship cash was even an option. So perfect timing for him! Check out the rules below…”


3/9/2020: The WA Attorney General’s office called me today and said they saw no problem with my contest. This is the first time in history that The Man and I have agreed on something!

(More cash scholarships may be added as sponsors contribute)

3/6/2020 Taking a time out until the Attorney General gets back to me regarding this project. In today’s world, I realized I probably can’t hand out cash until the government gives their ok. I’ll say no more about that.

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