Win $500 Cash!

Sept. 16–Cash drawing plus drawing from blog followers for use of Ben’s Corvette for a week! See 9/9/17 blog for details.

I am a bit puzzled. I was planning on giving somebody my wad of cash within two or three weeks of beginning this contest back in July. I’ve drawn a bunch of names but it seems nobody wants my money.

I am still waiting to draw the name of somebody who really does want the dough.

This is the first time in my life I’ve tried to give money away unsuccessfully.

Each week the Winner’s Needle has landed on one of my Facebook friends who wasn’t eligible. They didn’t take 20 seconds to become my blog follower, post the link

and make a comment on their page about the blog.

Don’t share posts since sharing on Facebook is meaningless. Throw my name in your comment and blog link to keep me on top of the blog’s exposure. This little change applies to the contest drawing also on Facebook. I’m planning on the drawing this coming Saturday finally landing on somebody that is eligible.

Handing an eligible Fb friend and blog follower/link poster those 50,000 pennies (275.6 lbs) or that one great big greenback (1 gram) will make my day!


If you’re not eligible, you might miss out just like the people listed below.

It’s pretty simple but so far there’s been no takers.

Every Saturday I get a random number from a number generator and then match that number to a corresponding Facebook friend of mine.

If you aren’t my Facebook friend, send me a request and a brief message (so I’ll know you’re not a scammer) that you want to be in my easy money and blog contest.

Click on the pic and it should take you to my page where you can make a Friend request.


If the person drawn has signed up as a Blog Follower


Has stuck a comment and link on Facebook, they get $500 transferred from my pocket to my other pocket… I mean their pocket!

So far these are my Facebook friends who won but weren’t eligible.

Al Yenney (the first person with the unenviable distinction to lose out on $500)

Christine Jenks (so much makeup in her purse she has no room for my money)

Austin Fox (I guess he’s independently wealthy)

Cameron Yount (likes motorcycles more than he does cash)

Nichole Davidson (wanted the money but didn’t have time to take 20 seconds to sign up)

Pat Irribarren (uses credit cards, therefore he doesn’t need my cash)   

Jim Meldrum (has enough counterfeit bills that he didn’t want the real stuff)

Mike Palmer (Probably out hunting coyotes for pelt money. Pelts go for around 40 bucks. Blog cash is much easier to harvest)

Stan Sessions (wanted another chance but has to go back to the end of the line)

Kristy Sallie (she didn’t respond, I hope she’s still alive)

Braiden Whitby (Struggling college student who just wrote home for money…”No mon, no fun, your son.” Heard back “Too bad, so sad, your dad.”

Sara Bleazard (Didn’t seem to mind missing out on the $500)

Each of these people missed the boat. They did the hard part by getting drawn for the dough but didn’t do the easy part by not signing up to be my blog follower and not commenting with a link on Facebook.

Notable quotes about the cash and blog…

Stephen Ray Forrey Jr. Oh for cryin’ out loud. I thought we talked about this. That was supposed to be my $500.
Jim Meldrum Sorry Ben, I’m a day late and $500 shorter now. 
Dave Specht Love the post Ben!!!!
Flo Sayre This is a funny story
Kati Sant I laughed and cried. 😂😢 You have a way with words.
Shelley Romm Anderson Hello from about 45 years ago 😳 I laughed out loud several times while reading this- even tho I tried not to. I admire the ability to snail snort and continue in my quest to master it. Nice read 👍

Christine Jenks I was a big winner but then a big loser 😂 !If you haven’t read Ben’s blog or his book, Recovering Idiot, you ought to! It’s well worth your time and money 👍🏻

Ben Casper f

Sign up and post a link to my blog. Don’t live with regret the rest of your life!

I promise I’ll try to keep the posts entertaining and the cash flowing.

Stay tuned, there might be other giveaways down the road!

It just depends how often my wife sets her purse on the kitchen table and then leaves to use the restroom. That, my friends, is the chief criteria concerning my cash giveaways.