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6 minutes, no air, crushing pressure and no way out

This was the predicament several years ago (2013) of an 11-year old boy named George at my work site. A very sad funeral, an OSHA encampment and spendy lawsuits loomed into sharp focus for me in a matter of seconds.

His dad was paralyzed with fear and could do nothing. I was in the same boat until inspiration kicked in. None too quickly I might add.

In the next few minutes I managed to dodge several howitzer-sized incoming shells of reality and saved the day, the kid and my bacon. George’s story is in my book.


This picture is where the episode began for me. It was taken an hour or so after the event.

Let’s stop the rewind now and talk about today’s event. I got a call this morning from George’s father about a pipe. I had the strange feeling he was calling just to talk and that in reality he knew I wasn’t the guy to talk to about solving his pipe problem.

However, I was busy breathing corn dust, sweating like an old fat boy and shoveling billions of yellow kernels. I didn’t have time to talk. I told him he should call my brother. I knew Brad could take care of his need. Jorge was so very friendly on the phone.

I felt bad giving him the brushoff.

I got back to shoveling corn and about an hour later, he appeared at the 2013 trauma site. He was so talkative. He was so friendly. He looked at me with such adoration.

You will naturally ask, “How do you know it was adoration?”

I would respond, “No one EVER looks at me with adoration. If I get even a hint of the positive vibe, you better believe I know it when I see it.”

The first time in my life I saw adoration like that was on Max Kinne’s school bus. A neighbor girl had a crush on me and she often just sat and stared as we made the trip home. That girl doubles as Shawn O’Malley’s mom now. Shawn plays for the Mariner’s.


Her name is Karla. It was quite a blow to my ego when I recognized her one night a couple of years ago at Texas Roadhouse. She had no clue who I was. I was able to salvage a little bit of pride when she finally remembered.

A few months later I stopped by her mom’s house and she happened to be there. It was fun reliving old memories with her. She’ll probably deny the adoration angle but in my mind it was there.

Back to Jorge’s look of adoration. It was precious. Last year he stopped by in Basin City when I was up on the man lift. I came down and for the first time since the incident met George. Again, adoration.

It is so nice to know that Jorge has not forgotten. I know I will never forget.

It took me a couple of years before I could tell the story without tearing up.

Some people don’t believe in miracles.

I do.


My wife and I acquired and keep a nameplate on a file cabinet just so we can always remember the Lord’s helping hand that day and to count our blessings.

In the last few months, I’ve published 34 posts. Unfortunately, I’ve got another 43 ready to go. I’m restraining myself by instructing my wife to lop off another finger whenever I put it on the “Publish” button. I’m very aware that it’s so easy to get too much of me.

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