Knock-off day

This morning my cell phone rang. It was a guy from Dallas TX who was fed up with the literally millions of truck tires that he and all the other guys in his business deal with everyday. His company takes care of the truck casings Walmart generates on all their trucks. They pick up and haul away all the old tires.

His drivers spend hours throwing tires up in the truck van, rolling them to the front and then stacking them 10 tires high, two stacks in each row, all the way back, 40 or 50 feet. Each tire weighs about 100 lbs and it is a killer job on the back. Total weight is probably around 25,000 lbs.

Here’s a guy stacking a few tires. (I did this a few times myself.)

He then said he has watched my You Tube video and thinks maybe I could do something to help him. (Truck Tire Squire)  I built this thing eight years ago but for six years couldn’t generate much interest in it at $1700. A couple of years ago I jacked it up to $3,000 and sold one a couple months later. Go figure.

I have no idea if it worked and has done the job. I’ve held my breath, worrying that I would get a call complaining. So far, no call. All is well. Maybe I’ll call him next week just to see how it’s working.

This dude from Dallas then talked about an outfit in Canada called Martins Industries that had a tire cart that was very unique from other carts. I sat up in my seat.

“Those guys ripped me off!” I informed him. Nine years ago I invented the Tire Squire but dropped the ball protecting it. The Tire Squire was the first tire cart that utilized the arms to activate the tire grip arms instead of foot controls which is what all tire carts used previously. It was also the first tire cart that featured a rear caster to help support the tire load.

Several years ago I noticed that Martins copied my cart. Here it is.

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery so I guess I should be flattered. It’s not all that good of a feeling. If you look at my video, it was posted in 2009. Theirs was posted in 2015.


I sent the President of Martins an email informing him that I knew of his shenanigans and also that I knew I couldn’t do anything about it. I said that I thought he should send me a box of chocolates every Christmas. So far, I haven’t seen any goodies under the tree.

So this phone call from Dallas was interesting, to say the least. Here I am, a little no-name in Basin City and one of the largest truck tire haulers in the country calls me and talks about my products, both directly and indirectly. I was blown away.

Speaking of being blown away, here’s a video of a guy using a bead blaster manufactured by a friend of mine. He’s made millions selling this little tank called the Cheetah.

The Dallas dude then listed all the other huge outfits that fight this same battle with stacking and loading truck tires. He wants me to do something about it. I told him I would get on it as soon as I change some lights bulbs in the kitchen and dumped the garbage for my wife.  It’s all about priorities.

We hung up.

I thought about it today. I figured it out. I’m going to file a patent before I do anything else. Take that, Martin Industries!

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