Cash & Ewes

Got a little note and picture from the wife of the guy that won the $500. Unbelievably, they haven’t spent it all. Here’s the note:

I bet by now you’ve wondered what happened to that $500? Well, it inspired me to start saving some cash around the home. Started with some Benjie’s, now we are here! Adding to the pile at least once a week 🤑🤑🤑 Thanks for choosing my husband!!!


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I’m happy for their good luck. Wish I was doing the same. But I’m not.

I’ve had two molars break off in the last mouth, I mean month. Not long after I gave away the $500.

To them.

I’m so very glad they saved it and didn’t blow it. Cause I need it back.

I’m thinking they should loan me their $768 so I can make a down payment at the dentist. Why $768? Because that’s what I counted up in her stash picture.

I sent them a couple of texts with my new request but haven’t heard back. I’m sure I’ll hear from them soon. After all, they got right back to me when they won the dough.

On another note, I have a friend who dabbles in the sheep biz. When I saw this picture on Facebook, it reminded me of him…

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This is what happens when you lie on your resume about having previous sheepdog experience.

It also reminded me of the song Stuck in the Middle with Ewe

Since we’re totally random, this particular song was released in 1973, the same year my sheepherder friend and I graduated from high school.

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