Shortest Post Of My Life

This is the shortest post of my life.

My blog life, that is.

As I lay in bed this morning, contemplating a very large and difficult job I have to do today, I told my wife that I wouldn’t wish this job on my worst enemy. She said “Wait a minute, you asked me last night if I would help you today.”

I felt a little sheepish as I responded that I guessed I had.

I then mentioned that I have this tendency to take on challenges that nobody else would even consider. I thrive on dreaming up and tackling jobs that no one in their right mind would touch, let alone tackle. I do this on a regular basis.

Michele said that that was a great quality. I said it is also a fatal flaw. Or it should be but I just haven’t got the job (you know, the fatal thing) done right. Yet.

No pictures today. I haven’t posted for a week or two so here you go. I’ll report back if I make it back.

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  1. Radrat Avatar

    It’s been pretty quiet around here. I know you keep busy, hope you are well and still have all your fingers and toes.

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