Excuses are like earholes, Everybody’s got one and it’s usually full of wax.

In retrospect, I should never have run that race depicted in the previous post for the following reasons:

  • My sister Jill is at least 25 years younger than I. She also is not in her third trimester like I am. Let’s just wait until she gets in her sixties and then see how she does.
  • I reviewed the slow-motion tapes from yesterday and saw what the problem is. My right knee wasn’t working and therefore, as my nephew Phil said, I was running on stilts. A more apt description is running on a peg leg. The doc told me in December it was ready for replacement but I held him off. I think I was thinking I needed to get ready for the Memorial Day race and I didn’t want a fake knee messing me up.


  • This particular knee that won’t bend and is full of fluid is also the one that I smacked into the ground as I lunged across the finish line. Jill claimed that her toe crossed first but that only works in short track skating and ballet.


  • The rest of us all know that if a runner or in my case, “hopper” lunges across the finish line and his knee hammers into the ground, provided the pain level is 10 or more, he wins.
  • I won.
  • One more thing. Eight years ago Jill and I raced. I pulled a hamstring (or, as those of us who are in the business, call it a “hammie”) but showed her who was boss even without planting my kneecap into the sod.


  • What a difference eight years can make.
  • Lastly. I can’t get enough of watching the video of me crowding Jill while her husband with the nickname of Tracy is filming. He yells at her to quit crowding me right while I’m crowding her. I hope I live to be 101. I could watch that twice a day for the next 38 years and never get tired of it.

“Spread out a little bit!

Spread out!

No, Jill! Jill! Jill!

Scoot over! Hurry Up!

You guys are messing my….”

When I watch this part, my knee hurts just a little less. Thanks, Tracy!




4 responses to “Excuses are like earholes, Everybody’s got one and it’s usually full of wax.”

  1. Joe Gunter Avatar
    Joe Gunter

    This is the best! I love reading your stories Ben! But Jill did beat you.

    1. jill Avatar

      Joe, you’re the best!

  2. Amanda Allred Avatar
    Amanda Allred

    Please show the video!!!

    1. Recovering Idiot Avatar
      Recovering Idiot

      It’s on the previous post. Or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrzvzRFcRYA&t=45s

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