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Everyone who's bent needs a place to vent. This is my place.

Another injury tonight

I will be placing a second order of books in a few weeks. I want some endorsements on the front and back covers for this new printing. I’ve got 1 endorsement already from Steve Phipps.  Here’s some pics and his endorsement:

steve  steve1  steve2  steve3

(Steve is in the red in this last pic.)

 Ben lives life with gusto and an appetite for adrenaline.  He also marches to a unique and different tempo than most of us. This has resulted in many interesting and dangerous experiences that Ben shares with great zest and an entertaining story line. Growing up as Ben’s neighbor and friend, I always wondered what he was up to and how much the medical bill would be!  Ben brings his stories to life and you are sure to get many smiles, chuckles and “What was he thinking?” during your journey along with Ben.  I highly recommend “Recovering Idiot”.  Enjoy the adventure!

Steve Phipps – 19-time arm wrestling world champion, 9 right-handed and 10 left-handed (including a rare “Double-Double” winning World Titles in Wristwrestling and Armwrestling with both arms, the same year) 31 National Championships

Also, an 11-yr. NFL and CFL offensive lineman who now owns several book stores just finished reading Recovering Idiot and said he would be honored to endorse it. When I called him after he finished reading, he simply said “You’re crazy!”

One more endorsement is being sought at the moment and it’s a nationally prominent name. I’m amazed that this particular party is even communicating with me. I’ll let you know if it happens.

Because of the new printing, I was reading and re-editing portions of the book this afternoon causing reminiscing about the old days. Two things I read about were when my tongue got frozen on a hammer when I was two and when I woke up from a coma exactly 50 years ago tomorrow. So what do you think happened next?

Image3 I retrieved a pan of jello and a spoon from the freezer. Without thinking, I stuck the spoon in my mouth and the spoon instantly attached to my tongue with Super Glue adhesion. I had no plan of reenactment. I just wanted to eat some crunchy jello, not have my mouth filled with blood. I wrenched it off which tore the heck out of my tongue. I don’t know if you can see the damage but I can sure feel it.


Next, I turned the news on and learned that exactly 50 years ago today, RFK was assassinated. That was the newspaper headline I saw on my bed stand as I came out of my coma exactly 50 years ago.

I don’t mind tearing the buds off my tongue every 61 years. However, I hope it’s at least another 50 years before I have to wake up from another coma.


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