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Close Calls Unlimited

Seems like whenever I drive a Corvette, I end up in trouble. This was the aftermath from the other night…

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But before we get to that particular Corvette trouble, let me share this Corvette trouble…


I needed to go to town the other day. Since I like a challenge and the empty gas gauge presented one, I headed south for the 30-mile trip running on fumes. This was likely to be the first time in history that a Vette would end up on the side of the road with it’s 8 hungry pistons sucking air and it’s 8- fingered driver holding a remaining thumb out for a ride.

Made it.

A day or two later, we headed back to the T-Cities with a relatively full tank. We work a half-day every week in the LDS temple in Richland. It’s a time that helps me to make sense of everything else in this crazy world.

As we cruised home, I snapped a picture of a gorgeous sunset to the west. Because of the sunset and the fact that we had just stepped out of the temple, I gotta throw in a line or two about God. There is no doubt in my mind that we all have a Father in Heaven. He has made everything we enjoy and experience and yet so many of us spend no time or effort doing what He has asked us to do. None of us can, even for one second, escape the blessings that He has made possible to each of us.


Approaching the crest of the hill northbound on Taylor Flats where it intersects with Cypress Drive, we were snapped out of our religious reverie and greeted by 4 headlights. The headlights on our left were basically normal and not a problem. The headlights directly in front of us, oncoming at a  70 or 80 mph clip, were a big problem. I had a full half-second to react. Luckily, there was a fairly wide shoulder that we swerved on to to avoid a sudden stop with a driver who was suddenly on my bad side.

Usually when I make a sudden U-turn and begin a pursuit to teach someone concerning some Driver’s Ed tips, Michele doesn’t like it. However, she didn’t say a word on this turnabout. In fact, she told me later that she was in favor of the pursuit.

As I caught up to and passed the car that would have been involved in the wreck through no fault of his own, he gave me a thumbs-up signal and then a clenched fist. He was equally bothered at the idiocy of the driver just ahead and I could tell he was glad I was going to confront the problem.

I got behind the rig and started flashing my lights. I wanted him to pull over so I could give him the educational lecture I had suddenly prepared. He kept going, essentially cutting class. So I decided to call the principal.

I dialed 911 and explained the situation. By the time we pulled into the business district of Road 68, a Pasco cop had pulled in front of me and behind the offender.

After the lights were activated, he pulled off and in just a bit, a county mountie and another Pasco car showed up. I figured since I was the only one who saw the incident, they would do nothing but give him a lecture and let him go. In my vast experience, this is usually the outcome if the cops don’t witness the incident.

But this time was a pleasant surprise.

After a few minutes, one of the Pasco cops walked back and said he knew how I felt but I probably shouldn’t have tried to pull him over. The guy was drunk and he had a loaded pistol in the front seat.


I explained that that could have been problematic but if I hadn’t done something, the guy would have continued on his merry way. The cop said he understood.

As they cuffed and brought the guy back to the sheriff’s car, he and I shared a few choice personal feelings with each other.


We made it home intact but somehow missed the last few minutes of the beautiful sunset that night. Oh well, the flashing red and blues were almost as pretty.

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