Have Deck, Will Travel

It’s been a good week. I got a wild hair to quit parking vehicles on our lawn and made an instant transition from a redneck lawnparker to a sophisticated gentleman who now owns a parking lot. In order to provide more parking area, I ripped our deck out and transported it to a new resting place until I have time to reclaim the lumber.


Michele doesn’t like extra stuff around. I do because you never know when you’re going to need something you haven’t used for 30 years. So she stuck some of my prized possessions on the street.

10 minutes after this picture was taken, my stuff had vanished. Whoever stole my little one-legged scooter, my half-filled bucket of hardened paint, my old fan and my 3 buckets of used red rock, please return them. Otherwise, I’m calling the cops and reporting the theft.

On my wife and whoever took my goodies. Michele should not be giving my hard-earned property away.


The only damage on this trip was a stiff neck from going in reverse since I couldn’t see anything going forward. I don’t think I could make this particular trip fly if I lived in Seattle.


The next mile-long trip was also made in reverse.

I then ripped our lawn out to make even more room for the new parking lot.  Paved paradise and put up a parking lot 

We got word that one of our kids in Phoenix had their A/C go out. They sent us this photo of their oldest seeking shelter from the heat. Zoom in just above the salad dressing and meet Jett.


We are getting ready to bust out our latest product. Here’s a vid showing our improvised sheet metal corrugator we built followed by action around my work space yesterday that got converted into a heliport for 19 fill-ups of non-organic toxins. I forgot to warn the pilot about the power line just in front of him stretched over to the spud shed.

I love the smell of chemicals wafting in the clear morning air. Without them, the world would go hungry, organic marketers keep raking in the cash and clueless people pay through the nose. With them, weeds and bugs die, crops thrive and  people live without hunger.

And lastly, a vid we just finished making of another new contraption we’re rolling out…


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