Losing It

First Facebook Post from yesterday…


Reward – $1,000 for the arrest of the thief (or actual scalp of the same) and return of my pickup.

Went to Utah for Christmas. Came home to find my long bed 4 door 4wd 2013 Toyota Tundra missing from our driveway. The four-door long bed Tundra combo makes it a little unusual.

Vin 5TFCY5F15DX014542 License C15911F

There was an electrical tester and 5 cases of Recovering Idiot books in the back seat.

This offer is not valid if it turns out I parked it somewhere and forgot about it.

Second Facebook Post…


2 Sundays ago I drove my beloved pickup to church filled with an electrical tester and Recovering Idiot books. After church, my wife insisted I drive her around to a couple of minister’s homes where we dropped off some edible treats. We took the van. We then drove home and proceeded to Utah to visit family.

Got back just the other day but didn’t notice the valuable books were missing along with their transporter.

Today I had some electrical problems at work but couldn’t find my tester. I started thinking I needed to check in my truck and my happiness level was instantly downgraded to junk bond status when I observed an empty driveway (Even though I’ve been home for 5 days)

A call to my insurance company produced nothing. A call to the cops produced nothing. A post to Facebook produced a few sympathetic comments but mostly sneers and derision. It also produced a post from a friend with a hopeful tip.

The truck was right where I left it 2 weeks ago. My wife took me down and dropped me off. I got in the truck but there were no keys. My dear and sweet but oblivious wife was driving off. My screams and gestures were of no use. I walked home, hoping no one would steal my truck before I returned.

I offered $1,000 reward but am so glad I put a disclaimer on it concerning my advanced ability to forget. Thanks to everyone for getting the word out even though I ended up not needing it!

There were 22 shares, 46 comments and 167 likes. This shows that people do care about me, my pickup and full-blown dementia. The next time somebody steals my pickup, it’s immediately going on Facebook. Who needs cops?

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