Cherries to Boston

I communicated with a couple of high-profile individuals this morning. I’ll just mention one of them in this post.

My brother Brent is picking his cherries right now and I wondered if I should give some more to Danny Ainge and his wife Michelle.


This is Danny and Michelle back in the day when Danny first started playing for the Boston Celtics.

Last year, I called Michelle, we had a nice talk, she read my book and wrote me an endorsement. I sent her a boatload of Brent and Kashann’s cherries.

The cherries didn’t cost me anything. The next-day air freight cost me a little over $250. The transport cost penciled out to about a buck a cherry. I thought that was a little high but then I remember that included the pits.

Lucky for them, they loved the cherries.

So with cherries on again, I wondered if I should send some more cherries or if Michelle figured we were square.

I called her. She answered the phone laughing. I asked her what was so funny. She answered “It’s just funny that you are calling.”

I thanked her for the endorsement. She apologized that she had never been able to get Danny to read the book and write his own endorsement.

I proceeded to tell her that I was feeling a little guilty that I hadn’t sent them some more cherries this year. I couldn’t remember if her endorsement was hinged on a yearly cherry payment pledge.

She said that I didn’t need to send her any more cherries. They loved the fruit from last year but had a Whole Foods around the corner and could get some there even though they wouldn’t be quite as fresh. I then volunteered to send her some cash so she could buy the cherries.

She laughed again and said that they could probably afford to buy them. I googled Ainge’s net worth and it came out at an even ten million bucks so I guess I’m off the hook for a yearly cherry/next-day air freight bill to Boston. However, the same website said Danny was 5′ 4″.

I happen to know that Danny is actually 6′ 4″ so I guess Danny could be worth 100 million or penniless, depending on which website you visit. He is the general manager and head of operations for the Boston Celtics so he can probably buy his own cherries. Or maybe the Celtics have a Cherry Budget.

Another little morsel of info is Michele and I and Michelle and Danny were married in the same little sanctuary in Utah within a couple of months of each other in 1979.

I’m still pushing my book. The Country Mercantile took another 3 boxes the other day, Farm and Home is sold out and Ranch and Home are still selling some. I stuck it on my company website last night. There are some outlandish claims made on the link but I think they’re all true.

I’ll know it was a good move if I start selling books off my website. However, if my equipment sales die, I’ll know it was a bad idea. Maybe propane and tire companies don’t want their people using equipment designed and made by an idiot.

Oh well, if my sales die and I go broke I can always fall back on peddling cherries to people in Boston. Maybe the Celtics could use a cherry purchasing agent.





2 responses to “Cherries to Boston”

  1. Kathleen De Mott Blake Avatar
    Kathleen De Mott Blake

    Enjoyed your story. They would be silly not to take your cherries. I’ve had cherries from your area, they were soooooo good. But thats my opinion.

    1. Recovering Idiot Avatar
      Recovering Idiot

      Hi Kathy! Actually they loved the cherries, I just didn’t like the way the freight bill tasted.

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