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Another giveaway!

This time it’s Sheffield Cider!

Here’s the deal…

(Don’t forget that the last giveaway netted Dan Allred of Wasilla Alaska $500.)


Get the chance to win 6 prime bottles of Sheffield Cider (Retail value $60.00!!!)

Read on to find out how you can double your winnings!

For each copy of my crazy book (from the BUYTHEBOOK link at the top of this blog), you win another chance to win the world’s best cider!  Each individual book sale will be entered in the drawing. Get a massive discount and many more chances at the cider by grabbing a whole box of books!

If you share this offer on your Facebook page or even better, copy and post this link on Facebook and your name is drawn, you’ll get 12 bottles of cider instead of 6! ($120.00 value!!!)



You may ask “Why is he still selling books?” The reasons are listed below:

Latest book cover

The book has been out 3 or 4 years now. I sold out of the first printing (1200 books) and it’s still selling. Every day or two, I get positive comments about people’s experiences reading the book. This goes from people who bought some of the first copies to people who bought it a week or two ago.

  • It makes a great White Elephant gift.
  • It makes husbands look so much better to their wives. She’ll thank her lucky stars she didn’t end up with somebody like me. Buy it for your wife!
  • It’s a great instruction book to teach husbands what not to do. Buy it for your husband!
  • It’s a great safety manual. Buy it for all your employees so they know what NOT TO DO!   OSHA and L&I thank you in advance!
  • It makes a great traveling companion. Somebody drives, somebody reads, everybody laughs. The miles fly by.
  • 523 pages mean you get at least 523 laughs. That’s less than 4 cents a laugh.
  • Preteen kids up to centenarians have enjoyed the read.
  • Makes great Christmas stocking stuffers and presents, White Elephant and other fun gifts, birthday presents… any occasion when you can’t come up with a fun item.
  • I’ve had people buy a second book after their first copy got worn out.Image11-598305876-1576888692945.jpgImage1This offer ends Dec. 31, 2019
  • The winner will be announced and the cider passed out the first week in January 2020.

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