Call 911! 30 times!!

My son and I had a crazy adventure this last year in Phoenix. I also have to keep promoting my cider giveaway for the next couple of weeks. So I think I’ll give the Phoenix story in stages while I continue to promote the book.

We had a bunch of book sales over the weekend. When I first published it, I had no idea what the reception would be. But after three years, I’ve heard enough good things about it that I’m not afraid to stick it out there. Don’t miss out on your chance to stock up for any special events or people in your realm that could use a good laugh while getting a chance to get some great Sheffield Cider.

The other day, I went through the Sheffield plant with Nolan Empey, the guy that developed the juiced-up juice. In a day or two, I’ll post a video of them making the cider. It’s pretty cool.

This Nolan guy is a good friend of mine. We grew up together and there’s even a story or two in my book about him. Help him keep his Sheffield cider plant running by buying some books which will help him deplete his inventory!

Here’s an intro for the Phoenix story…


This picture was snapped as a little fire got away from me and a large inferno took off. I was doing my best to douse the flames with a little garden hose as fire trucks rolled in and sheriff’s deputies got out with their ticket books.

By the time they got their fire trucks into position, the fire had dwindled because of my expertly applied dispersal of water. I yelled at them to go back where they came from but the chief said “No way! We’ve had 30 911 calls and you’ve got 6 million dollars worth of firetrucks here. We’re going to put this out!

I shut my hose down and resigned myself to financial ruin. I had no idea how many tickets and/or lawsuits I was going to get but it didn’t look good.

Firemen started arriving and putting all their equipment on. I was in Levi’s and a tee-shirt and didn’t see the need for all the gear. They had boots, fireproof pants and coats, helmets, air tanks, face masks and even a mic and loudspeaker on each guy so you could hear what they were saying.

One fireman grabbed my peashooter hose so he could make an advance attack on the flames before his buddies arrived with the big hoses.


Soon, his buddies arrived and took control.


This was quite a project. I probably made 5 or 6 trips to Phoenix last year to work on it. I’ll make future posts to fill in a few details. This particular incident occurred on my second trip down to work on the project.

In the meantime, don’t miss an opportunity to buy these books direct from the author. My goal this year is to turn it over to some giant book publisher and marketer. Don’t miss the chance to win some cider and brighten somebody’s day!

Don’t forget that my last giveaway netted Dan Allred of Wasilla Alaska $500.


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Stay tuned soon for the other details of the fire(S!) in Phoenix and the vid of the Sheffield bottling line!

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You may ask “Why is he still selling books?” The reasons are listed below:

Latest book cover

The book has been out 3 or 4 years now. I sold out of the first printing (1200 books) and it’s still selling. Every day or two, I get positive comments about people’s experiences reading the book. This goes from people who bought some of the first copies to people who bought it a week or two ago.

  • It makes a great White Elephant gift.
  • It makes husbands look so much better to their wives. She’ll thank her lucky stars she didn’t end up with somebody like me. Buy it for your wife!
  • It’s a great instruction book to teach husbands what not to do. Buy it for your husband!
  • It’s a great safety manual. Buy it for all your employees so they know what NOT TO DO!   OSHA and L&I thank you in advance!
  • It makes a great traveling companion. Somebody drives, somebody reads, everybody laughs. The miles fly by.
  • 523 pages mean you get at least 523 laughs. That’s less than 4 cents a laugh.
  • Preteen kids up to centenarians have enjoyed the read.
  • Makes great Christmas stocking stuffers and presents, White Elephant and other fun gifts, birthday presents… any occasion when you can’t come up with a fun item.
  • I’ve had people buy a second book after their first copy got worn out.Image11-598305876-1576888692945.jpgImage1
  • Endorsements              Mother of six and wife of NBA star Danny Ainge, Michelle Ainge “Ben’s book was a fun read!  I like hearing people’s stories and his is a crazy one. His antics made me laugh out loud and exhausted me.”
    • Early sub-4 minute miler Greg Gibson: “You will cry from laughing so hard.”
    • Holder of 19 Arm Wrestling World Championships Steve Phipps: “I highly recommend Recovering Idiot. Enjoy the adventure!”
    • National Intercollegiate Rodeo Steer Wrestling Champion Tom Clyde:  “I loved Recovering Idiot and highly recommend it. Filled with wit and humor that brings you to tears, it is very entertaining and one of those reads you cannot put down.
    • Internationally acclaimed concert pianist Stephen Beus: “Equal parts entertaining and horrifying. After reading this book, I wasn’t sure whether I should laugh or cry  A great read!”
    • Nuclear Physicist David Ottley: This book is scientific, albeit anecdotal, proof that Darwin’s theory of natural selection is incorrect. If Darwinism were true, Ben would have been eliminated from the gene pool long ago.
    • SE PE, Missile Guidance Engineer William York: “I thoroughly enjoyed reading Recovering Idiot! It’s fun to read, well-written and shows what crazy adventures lie ahead if we believe in ourselves and don’t overthink the problems.”
    • German Baptist mother of six Heidi Young: “Coming from a conservative background without many of the modern entertainment  inventions in our home, our boys have spent hours reading and rereading Recovering Idiot.
    • Former NFL player and owner of Fountain Bookstores Ben Archibald: “After 11 years playing professional football, I’ve known some real characters! Ben is one of the craziest. This book will open your eyes to a whole new way of life. Recovering Idiot weaves the most idiotic decisions in life into a wonderful read that will lighten your heart and bring new appreciation to having common sense!”
    • F-15 pilot Lt. Col. Brandon Mackay: “This book is unbelievably true! Casper has cheated death more than any other pilot I’ve known.
  •           Ben’s five friends said:
  •           Kyle Huwe: “I laughed so hard, tears were running down my leg!”
  •           Sonja Hansen: “We’ve been waiting 60 years for this.”
  •           Scot Haws: “I see no signs of recovery.”
  •           Brianne Huwe: “A great experience…I laughed to the point of tears!”
  •           Kola Robinson: “Funniest book I’ve ever read.”
  • The winner will be announced and the cider passed out the first week in January 2020.

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