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Recovering Idiot – Freight prepaid – Also available in Kindle


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Recovering Idiot – Freight prepaid, Continental US

Ben’s wife writes: “Engaging stories of blind enthusiasm, overconfidence, mighty good luck and constant disasters told by the idiot who lived them.”

Kindle Edition also available

  • Read about how Ben reconciled a 35-year acrimonious relationship without any thought of financial reward and ended up with an unexpected bonanza. Anyone that has nursed a grudge can learn from this experience.
  • How a Lt. Col. in the Air Force decided to give Ben his front cockpit seat and his F-15 flight controls while he sits back and enjoys the ride, even if it does land him in jail.
  • See how Ben vaulted backwards 33 feet at the beginning stages of his relaxing yet brain-altering coma in 1968.
  • Read and marvel at all the reasons why Ben’s wife is called a saint and an angel after reading this book.
  • You might not believe in God or prayer but you might reconsider after reading about Ben’s close brushes with Mr. Reaper.

Read about these and other life-changing experiences in Recovering Idiot. Adults and teens enjoy this true and unblinking story about successes and failures and a willingness to never give up. If political correctness is not your thing, this book will reinforce your opinions.

A one-of-a-kind gift will make an impression like nothing else. Many teenagers read and re-read Recovering Idiot!


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